Tips on Showing

General Advice:

Only one entry per class
To avoid disqualification, always ensure you keep within size limits for vegetables, flowers, floral art or photographs
Stewards are there to help. Always ask if you are unsure about something, especially if you are new to Showing.
Do look for Judge's comments, which we hope you will find useful
Awarded Cups & Trophies will be kept by winners for one year

Vegetable Division: Exhibit on bench or on the Paper Plates provided. Please check sizes!
Tomato Classes: Please exhibit with calyces + approx. 1cm of stem attached
Fruit Division: Exhibit on bench or on the Paper Plates provided
Please exhibit all fruit with approx. 1 cm of stem attached
Flower Division: Flowers must be exhibited in Plain Vases, available from the Hall kitchen
Domestic Division: Please state class, nature/size of larger items on Entry Form eg. bedspread, chair
Poor ‘finishing/mounting’ can lose you marks for needlework
Cookery: Entries must be on paper plates, covered in Cling Film
Photography Division: Entries can be home or trade processed. Ideally, prints should be mounted
Size, excluding mount, shall not exceed 10"x8"
Junior Division: Please state child’s age on Entry Form and please, no adult help for over 5s
All junior entrants will be awarded a rosette & are also welcome to exhibit in any adult class